Piercing Fees:


Each appointment and/or walk in for a new piercing is met with an initial consultation to ensure that your body has the appropriate anatomy. We believe each person is unique, and because of that we want to make sure that not only is the piercing itself a safe thing to do, but also that you have all your questions answered so you have all the understanding and confidence with your new healing journey.

Our piercers have the right to refuse any piercing or service that would be considered harmful or dangerous to our clients and customers; though this can happen from time to time our piercers love to help with any advice or opinions on different placements or perhaps a new type of piercing that best fits you!

Piercing fee – $40 (this includes any single piercing above the waistline. please refer to our age policies to see if you are eligible for certain piercing services. if you are a minor or parent/guardian of the minor, please see the policies page for requirements before your appointment). 

Additional fee – $15 (per piercing after the 1st on the same person).

Industrial piercing fee – $50 

Downsizing/Jewelry change fee – $15 (this includes downsizing and removing/changing jewelry).


-Jewelry is not included in piercing Fee-

Example: one helix piercing is $40. The average synthetic gem set in implant grade titanium starts at $55 so $40 fee + $55 for jewelry = $95 before tax.

example 2: A double helix is $40 + $15. the average synthetic gem set in implant grade titanium starts at $55. so, $40 +$15 fees + $55 + $55 for jewelry = $165 before tax.

Jewelry is always priced separately from service fees. We carry a wide range of amazing designers that lead our industry such as Anatometal, BVLA, Buddha jewelry, Neometal, and much more. Choose from the simplest piece of Implant Grade materials and up to the most precious of metals (such as solid 14k & 18k Gold)!

Each fresh piercing we provide is met with up-to-date sterile procedures to ensure that you, the client, leave with the security of knowing you were taken care of by the best in sterilization, education, and techniques. All of our services are fully disposable.
We sterilize all implements and jewelry for each procedure and walk you through each process thoroughly.

**We are no longer offering surface piercings**

Any other questions?

If you have any questions or comments about anything jewelry/piercing related, please feel free to give us a call at (734)-997-0608 or email us at [email protected]